My practice is solely concentrated on criminal defense law. My office hours are by appointment only. A non-refundable thirty-five dollar ($35.00) initial consultation fee is required. However, the fee and consultation do not create an attorney-client relationship. 

I am totally committed to providing high quality professional criminal defense representation. I strive to give my clients a personalized and cost-effective approach that will not alienate them in the process. I am aggressive in defending the rights of my clients.    

My ethical interactions with the police, prosecutors and judges will be solely to advance the interests of my clients. I endeavor to achieve the best possible out-come available to decrease the culpability of those I represent.

In all of my cases I have several mindsets. First, I imagine what the prosecution is thinking so as to understand why charges were filed. Next I imagine myself in my clients situation. This fuels the drive to strive for justice. Finally, I plan my defense strategy based upon the facts and evidence using logic and reason.        





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